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October 4, 2016

Give Your Lonely Anemic Troubled Soul The Chance To Discover Its Inner Beauty

You may be the lonely soul searching type who is tired of all that bustle in the busy big city, all people and their complex psychedelic lives: you simply want out, at least for a short while. You need to find you footing and your purpose in life and you think connecting with the nature is the best way to go about this. You are of course very correct in trying to find your roots, but if you are planning just another safari ride, you might want to think twice: why not select a quiet spot of the beach and may be a villa nearby and enjoy the fresh air, the sunlight and keening of birds and the rustle of the wind and roar of the sea waves?

Why not connect with the sea instead which as they say is our original place of birth? Our primordial soup? Come then with a bit of planning and not much more; come to be a part of it all. Lose yourself in it, immerse yourself completely and let go of your troubles, worries, discrepancies, misgivings, pains, reservations and complication. Find that solid connection to the sea and all its wonder through the sand, through the salty water, through the wind against your skin and through the sounds that come from within the sea and from the air above the sea.

Where do I start?

You can always start with a long swim. If it is off season you need to be careful about the behavior of the sea, for like a woman it can be just as capricious. If recommended unto you then feel free to enjoy it. If you want to hit the next level you might as well get yourself a surfing board or one of those paddle-driven SUP for sale. It will be totally worth it. Not only can you ride the sea waves, you can do it with ease and comfort, you can let go a little and focus less on the maneuvering and more on the sea waves and the sea. This could be just as therapeutic as any of the tricks in a counselor’s or psychologist’s bag, if not more. Try this page if you are looking for SUP for sale in Perth.

Not so expensive after all

You can buy stand up paddle board online: used or brand new, in many colors, designs and finishes. The price range will more or less fair and affordable.

This is a good investment. The amount of recreation and fun you will get in turn for a solid fee, are certainly substantial. If you are really into this type of activity, you might want to upgrade your equipment then. Go for the one with the better edge, the one that costs a little bit more.

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