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October 18, 2016

The Benefits Of Introducing Kids To Swimming

Swimming has numerous health benefits but not many people understand exactly how much they may benefit from exercising in the water as opposed to land based exercise. First of all, swimming involves many more muscles in the body than many conventional land based exercises. Water resistance is much higher than resistance on land, so the potential for exercising the muscles is much higher. It also prevents the sudden movements that might damage muscles and cause injuries. One is mainly afloat when they exercise in water, meaning that they do not exert as much pressure to the ground as they would exercising on land. The water also has cooling effect on the body, making the person exercising comfortable as they swim.

There are many exercises one can perform in water. People exercise in the water because it is a fun way of getting fit. When at the swimming pool, one gets the chance to interact with other swimmers and meet new people. Exercise in water is also therapeutic, with physiotherapists practicing most of their art in the water. For people recovering from accidents or broken limbs, exercise in water can be very helpful. For those that have been in the water for long, they can agree that swimming helps one to forget about the stresses of everyday life.

The level of comfort one experiences in the water depends on how early they got introduced to swimming. Many people learnt how to swim when they were little children. However, today, many children are beginning to embrace swimming, what the increasing popularity of baby swimming classes. For many parents, the idea of their babies learning how to swim is a very horrific idea. It does not have to be drastic, though, and parents can begin to introduce their children to swimming in their bathtubs at home.

The change in resistance in water from the land can be a bit of a shock to the body of the child. However, the increases stimulation of the nerves can be have unlikely effects. The workout in the water for the body strengthens the heart and the lungs and therefore increases brain activity. A more active brain results in an improved mental health for the baby. When they are still infants, they are easy to convince to embrace the water because they still have appositive attitude towards everything. When they grow older, they get to the clingy stage when they cannot let go of their parents. As they grow older, they will no doubt experience something that will make them fear the water, making it harder for them to get used to the water or their teachers.

A reputable swim school will take advantage of the fact that they are still open- minded. Research shows that babies introduced to swimming are prepared psychologically, physically and emotionally for early life challenges like school and interaction with others. They are more intelligent and healthier both physically and mentally. There is also the added incentive of introducing the child to sports early. Who knows, they might be the next Olympian.

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