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March 3, 2017

How To Become Healthier Through Mind And Body Exercises?

There are many factors that contribute to a healthy life such as good nutrition, hygiene and exercise. In this article, we will be focusing on the exercise aspect. Your heart is a major organ you should take care of as it has a vital role in supporting every organ in the body. Cardiovascular diseases are quite common these days due to obesity, high blood pressure etc. It is not only your physical health that will contribute to the wellness of your body. The mental health has a significant effect as well.

One such way you can improve the functioning of your body is by reducing the level of stress from your life. You can do this by practicing a few meditative exercises such as yoga. It has many benefits such as improving muscle strength to minimise risk of injury, improving sleep, boosting your confidence by releasing stress, gradually helping you lose weight and become fitter and limber. There are certain movements and poses that go along with rhythmic breathing that will help you control your body movements more effectively.

You can visit a few yoga studios Fitzroy and select one that you feel is best for your schedule. They will have different types of meditative exercises. You can choose one that you are more comfortable with. This is something you can do at home once you become more familiar with it. Tai Chi is another type of meditative exercise that includes a series of smooth flowing movements and breathing patterns. You will find yourself being more comfortable in your own skin as you go along. It is a graceful art of exercise that will help you reduce stress, reduce blood pressure and improve heart function.

You can also try pilates which is another exercise you can do to improve flexibility, posture and give you relief from lower back pain. There are breathing patterns involved here as well that provides a great connection to body and mind. You can try the lower body pilates workout first and slowly build up your endurance. Engaging in sports also helps you in this regard. One such sport is swimming that will help you improve muscle tone all over your body. You will have to repeat a series of rhythmic movement to cut through the water. Once you’re immersed in the water and propelling yourself forward, you will feel and hear only the splashing of your movements. It will take you out of your stressful life and force you to concentrate on the task letting you achieve calmness and peace.

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