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February 6, 2017

Staying Warm When You Exercise Outdoors During Winter

There are certain sports that require you to be outdoors and that might mean braving the cold weather as well. When the weather is cold and inclement you need to wear the right gear to protect yourself, especially if you are doing active exercises. When one exercises they sweat and body temperature rises; however, when the external weather is also cold that can lead to quick body temperatures which might be undesirable. It can lead to bouts of cold and cough easily. Here are some tips on the right gear that can help you maintain optimal body temperature while you exercise.

Winter gear for outdoor sports

Most sports shops and outlets have several options available when it comes to winter gear for different spots. If you are looking at cycling apparel Australia there are several kinds of clothing offered, lightweight yet warm that makes it easy for you to cycle in the cold. What you need are good winter cycling jackets as well as pants that are waterproof and breathable. The other items that you need or synthetic socks that keep the warmth in but allow the skin to breathe as well. You also need to invest in good shoes for winter cycling.

Layering it out

In general, the rule to follow when it comes to winter bike clothing is to layer it up. One should have vests and tees to wear under the jacket as well as tights that can be worn under cycling pants. This can help one to take off the outer layers of clothing when one feels warm or hot. Usually the starting can be cold, but it gets warmer as someone cycles for long. Also, differing times of the day will bring in different weather conditions. If you are out for cycling through the day, it will start to feel hot towards noon time or afternoon. Hence, layering it up will help one to have options to take off the jacket or an outer pant and add them to one’s backpack or the carriage section of the bike.

Besides clothing there are other accessories that come in handy during winter. For instance, wearing a tight fitting beanie will help one to cover the head and ears. However, it should be of a light and breathable material. Having gloves for the bike is also a must when one is out in cold weather. This helps ensure the preservation of body temperature at optimal levels while one engages in winter outdoor workout such as biking, which needs one to be outdoors at times of the year.

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