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July 14, 2017

The History Of The Sport Of Golf

Most of us today watch a sport because we love the adrenaline kick we get out of it. The excitement of sports always gets to us. The thrill of the crowds in a stadium the cheering and the noise all get you pumped up and before you know it you have joined in the fun as well. And even if you are watching the sport on television the excitement somehow gets to you. So that you find yourself screaming and shouting at the television screen. But then once the game is over we forget all about it and move on with our lives. There are very few sport fanatics out there who go behind the game and much way after a game is done and dusted. But if you are fan of golf and you’re looking for a piece of history about the game then read ahead to find out. Click here for more information about golf balls for sale 

Where it all began

Event there continues to be arguments between the English and the neighbors from Scotland about where the game originated, most people believe that it all started off in Scotland. It has been dated to have started off in the mid 14ht century, but actually became somewhat of an organized game or sport in the 18th century. Although even at this time you wouldn’t find cheap m2 driver running around carrying the balls and the clubs it was more disciplined than how it started off. It was in the early 70’s that the world’s first golfing society the Royal Burgess Golfing Society was formed in Edinburgh. But it was in the 18th century that the sport came into the limelight because it was rapidly spreading to other towns and countriesAlthough we now see such an advancement in the game both in the playing fields as well the involvement of technology in the game such as golf GPS, the game had a humble beginning, starting off with only two-whole and three-hole courses. John Reid was the first man to build a three-hole course in America for the first time in the 19th century. He also formed the St. Andrews Club in the Yonkers along with the course. And soon it became a rage in America and everyone was playing it as a past time really soon. And it was in the 19th century that major golfing tournaments started springing in countries all over the world and people started considering a major competitive sport. And actually started training their skill sets to compete with each other. So this is how the game of golf as we know it today started off and then progressed to become the world renowned sport it is.

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